Today's Psalms

Welcome to our daily service, which comprises an opening antiphon, psalm, reading, canticle and prayers.


First Sunday after Easter

Our online Service for the First Sunday after Easter (11th April) includes a sung psalm, canticle and song, as well as readings and prayers.

The reading is from John, and is the story of Doubting Thomas. The Psalm is 117, the canticle is the Magnificat - both with antiphons appropriate to the day - and the Song is the new setting of "King of Glory, King of Peace".

Read about this Sunday's service and some aspects of what it means, in our latest blog post.

Easter Sunday Service

Our online Service for Easter Sunday (4th April) includes music and words for the Day of Resurrection.

The service centres around the reading from Luke in which the disciples find the empty tomb and discover that Jesus is risen. The psalm is 150, the canticle is the Magnificat and the song is "Why Stand Staring into an Empty Tomb?"

For the dead

One of our tasks as christians is to remember the dead. Our daily service often includes a prayer specifically for the dead, but here is a song which does the same - with video images remembering those who have died in service of their country.

It is called "Give them rest" and closely mirrors a prayer which has been said for the dead for centuries.